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 Use of extreme high heat, high pressure and catalysts to separate carbon chains is the old-school way of thinking.  At Capco worldwide, our process provides a environment friendly, safer and efficient method of separation that materially reduces pollutants. Our PMA and PTR process further enhance the asphalt products to meet PG grades demand in the market. 



 This 9.5 Acre site in Taft, CA. Site is engineered for multiple 1,800 bbls / day processing units using our proprietary “Petroleum Conversion Technology”™ (PCT).  Using select crude, the finished products will be approximately 70% road grade asphalt, and the balance a light crude.  It is expected the PCT process will be able to produce multiple grades of asphalt specifications as well as FLUX products.  The site is expected to achieve total production by the end of 2020 at 5,000 to 6,000 bbls per day in a better environmental way.  


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 Capco Worldwide is looking for Asphalt Process Operators. Please check our linked-in web page for openings and locations 

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Kirkland - Corporate Office:

Capco Worldwide, Inc.

505 Market Street, Suite A

Kirkland, WA 98033


Bakersfield- Production Facility:

800 Black Gold Ct, Taft, California 93268, United States


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